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Posted by Debora De Freitas at February 01. 2007

a tool for participation or a tool for experts?

Re: WebGIS

Posted by Mirjam Maughan at February 19. 2007

A tool for experts...

The ones I have seen are often complicated or messy to look at, and you need guidelines to use them. Something that an average guy (who is not working with computers daily) would give up really quickly if it isn't something he is super-interested in.

If they look intuitive, not messy, embedded in the main page (in stead of opening a new window) and if you don't need to download special software, I think you would get more people to use it.

Re: WebGIS

Posted by Anonymous at March 03. 2007
Other aspects to consider in the WebGIS area involve constraints on privacy of confidential information and intellectual property rights.

Re: WebGIS

Posted by Anonymous at March 20. 2007
Web apps can be devloped fairly easily with 9.2 version of ESRI's ArcGIS Server. Wizards embedded allow the publisher to create a rather nice looking and smooth feel to a web app in a 2 min process. Web apps now can have editing and geoprocessing capabilities and be built with no need for any coding or programming. I had a demonstaration that I wanted to show you when I was up in Townsville that showed just how easily a web app can be developed. Next time I am up there I will show you the DVD series from last years 2006 User Conference, and you can see this for your self.

As for privacy of information that is a preference that can be set by the administrator/publisher.
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