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ArcSDE / ArcServer and data sharing agreements

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ArcSDE / ArcServer and data sharing agreements

Posted by Anonymous at February 19. 2007
I'm really interested in setting up ArcSDE or ArcServer, since most of the new developments of ESRI seem to happen on that platform. And to be able to share data with other users - so much data is just sitting on one computer without colleagues knowing they have that data. And people are even buying it again because they don't know that the guy in the neighbouring office already has it...

But what kind of data can you put on a server that you share with other companies (or faculties)? Only your own created data, or also data that is downloadable for free from the net? What do you do with the data you bought or acquired for use at your own company only - have a seperate data library for 'data-not-to-be-shared'?

When you acquire data, do you have to get a sharing licence as the group of users of the server (and what if that is more than one company)? Or is it better to ask for a licence for a particular project, which might include those other companies?

But if you have acquired data for a project (so the data can only be used for that one research project and nothing else), how do you control that the other users only use it for that project? Who is liable when it's used for the wrong project? The one that put it on the server or the one that used the data incorrectly?

Can somebody please tell me that it's really easy to set up ArcServer, so I can convince everyone around me?


Re: ArcSDE / ArcServer and data sharing agreements

Posted by Anonymous at March 02. 2007
Hi Mirjam,
James Hatton (phone: 07 3218 4103) should be able to assist you with questions on ArcGIS.

Re: ArcSDE / ArcServer and data sharing agreements

Posted by Anonymous at March 22. 2007
A lot of the times it will require a data sharing agreement that will be signed by all parties. I am not sure how you go about this legally, but it might be worth looking into.

Basically if someone agrees to use the data for only one specific project and they go ahead and use it on other projects then they will be liable so long as there was some formal agreement signed by both parties. It would not be a good idea to lend out any data to anyone without them agreeing to some form of terms or written document.

Most of the times when you log into a university system there is a disclaimer at the start and the user has to tick a box and agree before logging in. The same can be setup for data acquisition. It would be a matter of talking to your IT people in the University and aks how they went about their agreements, or speak to administration about talking to a Legal Aid and/or JP.

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