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Ocean Management Research Network (OMRN)

by Debora De Freitas last modified 2007-09-19 09:21

The Ocean Management Research Network (OMRN) is an online network aimed to create and share knowledge for the application of critical thinking and best practices to oceans management., particularly in Canada. The OMRN is interdisciplinary, with an initial focus on social science, providing a forum for researchers, managers, and policymakers to evaluate timely and innovative linkages, integrate lessons learned, transfer and share knowledge, and help create an expert core of ocean researchers. The OMRN facilitates value-added research, provides seed funding, and seeks to establish a long-term research agenda.

There are a diversity of working groups (e.g. Marine Protected Areas, Socio-economics of Climate Change, Ocean and Coast Indicators, Linking Science and Local Knowledge) an online publications that are worth to explore.