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ABSTRACT Kininmonth

by Debora De Freitas last modified 2007-07-12 13:43

Collecting real-time data at appropriate temporal and spatial scales is critical to understanding complex marine processes. The emerging generation of 'smart' sensors opens up a range of opportunities for automated intelligent monitoring of marine systems.  Scientific research and engineering development, requiring extensive cross disciplinary collaboration, is extending the existing Australian Institute of Marine Science temperature monitoring into a true sensor network. This project involves the installation of a sensor network that will measure temperature at Nelly Bay fringing coral reef in North Queensland, Australia. Each sensor forms an ad hoc network delivering data in real time.  Regularly spaced temperature sensors extend into the water column and provide 3 dimensional data to help understand the high frequency changes in marine systems. This will give us a better understanding of the relationship between various environmental parameters, the impact of temperature changes on coral reefs.


Stuart Kininmonth is the GIS manager at Australian Institute of Marine Science. His zoology degree (University of Melbourne) and Masters in Natural Resources (University of New England) have assisted with spatial science positions with Greening Australia, Victorian DNRE, Kakadu National Park, CSIRO and AIMS. Stuart is presently focusing on network theory in ecological systems as part of a PhD with the University of Queensland.