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Abstract De Freitas

by Debora De Freitas last modified 2007-07-17 09:41

The practice of coastal management is being transformed by remarkable developments in advanced communications and information technologies (ICTs). Research priorities and water quality programs stress the need for information and systematic monitoring methods to support policy and management strategies in improving capability of detect complex marine and coastal processes and in minimising the continuous decline in water quality. Despite technological progress, environmental managers and policy makers face the challenge of incorporate these new technologies into their existing needs and management priorities. Such requirement will demand much more attention to interfaces between people, organizations, and new technologies, and the development of adaptable management strategies. The deployment of wireless sensor networks and the availability of real-time data in the GBR region represent a practical situation to better investigate the linkages between spatial-temporal and institutional scales, as well as interactions between data providers (information suppliers) and data users ( information clients). In this presentation I will briefly outline the main outputs of the first workshop realized on December 2006. I will also explore some important issues involving science-policy interface including communication, needs in terms of data provision and display, and the integration between technological possibilities and management priorities.


Débora De Freitas is an Oceanographer with interest in Coastal Zone Management and Geographic Information Systems technology. She has a Bachelor’s degree (Federal University of Rio Grande/FURG – Brazil, 2000) and Masters (FURG – Brazil 2003) in Oceanography with qualification in the areas of Renewable Natural Resources and Environmental Management. Debora also worked as coordinator assistant in The Environmental Monitoring Program of Dredging Operation of Rio Grande Port Maintenance (2002) and as Local Environmental Supervisor by the Rio Grande City Council (2003-2005). Since January 2006, Debora is a PhD candidate in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences from James Cook University (Provisory Research Topic: Strengthening Participation in the Great Barrier Reef Coastal Zone: Analysis of New Interactive Tools).